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Featured Item: October 2012

October 31, 2012


In little more than a decade, the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) has spread from Madagascar to over fifty countries around the world (see spread map). Since SRI has developed as an "open source" innovation, local practices are generally adapted to fit the principles according to the needs of the community. As a result, there are many views on how to implement SRI throughout the world. SRI-Rice has been collecting practical and academic information on SRI and its many variations for several years. We have both uploaded and linked to a variety of written material (from local reports and manuals to peer-reviewed journal articles) and multimedia (videos, photographs and PowerPoint presentations).

Burundi farmers discussing SRIThe SRI-Rice Center at Cornell recently reorganized its video and audio resources. The several hundred videos that appear on the annotated lists (by country) and YouTube playlists (by topic) noted below include videos in various languages that cover equipment (such as the Malaysian weeder video at right), demonstrations of SRI methods, as well as motivational or instructional material. There also are stories of how SRI has spread from one place to another, such as the FloodedCellar video (click on photo at left to play) that details how SRI spread from Madagascar to Rwanda and Burundi by farmers in several IFAD projects. (SRI-Rice is collaborating on a set of followup videos on how these farmers have adapted the SRI principles to their own conditions.)

Many videos are available through YouTube, and, as noted above, we have organized several hundred videos from around the world into topic-specific and language/region-specific playlists. However, not all on-line videos are on YouTube! Some are hosted on institutional sites (such as the World Bank Institute) and others are hosted on alternate video-hosting sites such as Vimeo and the Water Channel. You can find these videos on our annotated video-by-country listings.

How to Access the Resources!

Below is a guide to help you find the video you are looking for. We have broken out a subset for India at the bottom of the page due to the large volume.
NOTE: If you did not find your favorite SRI videos in our library, please don't hesitate to send us the link (!!

I. All Countries

There are two ways you can access our general video collection: 1) the topic-specific YouTube playlists and 2) the complete annotated listings by country that are not restricted to YouTube. (For India-only videos, see the section at the bottom of the page).

arrow Topic-Specific Playlists- (YouTube ONLY)
arrow Annotated Videos by Country (ALL video sources)

II. India

Because there are so many videos from India (especially from the valuable resource Digital Green), there is a 1) YouTube channel with for India playlists as well as a 1) webpage for annotated topic-specific lists in India that has videos from both YouTube and other sources.

arrow Playlists for India - (YouTube ONLY)
  • Motivational
  • Demonstrations
  • Audio/radio
  • Principles/Instruction
  • Equipment
  • Wheat (SWI) and other crops (sugarcane, finger millet)
arrow Annotated Videos for India (ALL video sources)
  • Motivational
  • Demonstrations
  • Audio/radio
  • Principles/Instruction
  • Equipment
  • Non-rice crops (sugarcane, finger millet, wheat)

The SRI-Rice Video Project Team: Lucy Fisher, Devon Jenkins, Hannah Koski, Ellen Stapleton, Erika Styger, Norman Uphoff, and Carrie Young.

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