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Communication from Rajendra Uprety, Nepal

From: "dadomorang"
To: "Norman Uphoff"
Subject: Our crop is very nice
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004
Organization: District Agriculture Development Office, Morang

Dear Dr. Norman,

I am Rajendra Uprety. I just returned from Maejo University (Thailand) after participating in a one month long "Agricultural Resources Management" training program. There were 22 participants from 10 different countries. I discussed some facts about SRI with participants and professors of the University. They all are very interested about this technology.

In my district, we now have some trial plots of early rice and normal rice with SRI. One of the early rice plots is very nice. Now it is in flowering stage. Some of its hills have more then 130 tillers/hill and on an average more then 80 tillers from single seedlings. I will send its detail result after harvesting.

In normal rice, more then 20 plots (600-1500 sq. meters) are in very nice condition. The 40-day plants have more then 40 tillers from single seedlings, and maximum is 65 tillers/hill. Crops are very healthy and good looking. It creates very good environment for next season. I used Solarization technique with 10 trials for seedling production. We have use 6-10 day seedling transplantation.

If you have any visit program in Nepal, I welcome you to visit my district. Other details I will write in next mail. With regards

Rajendra Uprety
Biratnagar, Morang


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