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While Nicaragua was represented at the First International Workshop on SRI for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2011, SRI evaluations only began in 2016 under the direction of Engineer José Israel López Rodríguez at the Nicaraguan Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). During 2015, INTA provided information on SRI to producers in regions 4 (the Department of Rivas) and 6 (the Departments of Jinotega and Matagalpa) and held socialization workshops to present the methodology to local producers. Finally, in 2016, they established validation plots with the producers in the field. Initially, the producers were hesitant to accept the SRI methodology as it was very different from what they were familiar with. With time though, producers have been impressed by the results, and adoption of SRI methods is increasing. Nicaraguans are confident in the future of SRI in their country and are spreading this knowledge with other farmers. For more information, watch this video with Engineer José Israel López Rodríguez.

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