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The first SRI results in Perú were reported by Pablo Lutz, who learned of SRI from a 2001 article in ECHO Development Notes. Working with farmers near Pucallpa in the Amazonian region of Perú, rice yields increased from 2 to 8 t/ha with SRI methods. Ir. Ángel Fernández García, a private agricultural consultant, became interested in SRI and attended the Sanya conference in China in 2002. His first two seasons were unsuccessful, but third-season yields in 2003 resulted in field-scale yields of 9-11 t/ha using IR-42. (Rice production in Perú averages 6 t/ha). By 2007, Fernández' evaluations extended to 500 ha with yields of 8-12 tons. In a review of SRI/SICA in Perú for the 4th International Rice Meeting held in Havana, Cuba (June 2-6, 2008), Fernandez showed that if SRI increased yields from 5-7 tons/ha to 8-10 tons/ha accompanied by a 20% reduction in costs/ha (from $1,000 to $800), this would make rice production in Perú much more profitable than at present.

During 2008, Divar Moya Zavaleta began SRI cultivation in the Lambayeque-Chancay valley and as of 2013, he is averaging 15 tons/hectare. He is a founding member of Agro-Corporación COMFIA, which provides inputs and seedlings to SRI farmers in the area. During December 2014, Molino El Cholo, a company located in the northwestern Perú's rice-growing areas of Chepén district in the La Libertad region, has been conducting trials to show that SICA/SRI can work well in Peru and to convince others in the rice value chain of its importance.

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