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December 2020 - Additions to the SRI-Rice Website (Links to online material)
(See previous months acquisitions - 2013-2020)

• SRI-RICE STATISTICS for December 2020:
SRI-Rice website: 2,461 users (2,318 last month) from 69 countries (63 last month) logged 3,175 sessions (2,878 last month) in which 5,134 pages (4,552 last month) were viewed. [Top ten countries in order of number of new users: India (873), USA (357), Philippines (148), Tanzania (135), Nepal (97), Malaysia (96), Indonesia (72), China (58), Japan (51), Nigeria (45)]
Facebook pages: 1) SRI-Rice: 2,557 likes and 2,628 followers. 2) SRI Equipment Innovators Exchange: 341 members (1 new) 3) SRI West Africa: 1,986 members, 4) SICA America Latina: 1,138 likes; 1,159 follows.
SRI-Rice Newsletter: 150 views (209 last month).
YouTube (primary): 2,483 (1,920 last month) new views this month for our 90 uploads. 84 views (94 last month) for our 41 playlists (not including our India YouTube channel). 1,414 subscribers (19 new). 248,075 all time views of our videos. 92,775 lifetime views of our playlists (2013-2019) [NOTE!: The 8 India playlists from the SRI India video channel are now accessible on the main SRI-Rice video channel].
Twitter: 1,895 followers (9 new)
Slideshare: 9,210 (6,756 last month) views new this month; 534 slideshows/posters total uploaded, 251 followers
Research Databases: There are 1,844 items (1,317 journal articles), in our Zotero research database (12 new) (700+ of these appear in the Mendeley SRI Research database, but we are not adding to this anymore).

• For additional global news see: our News page, Latest Additions, SRI Newsletter, LinkedIn, YouTube (India), and photo gallery, or see news by country
• SRI-Rice web pages updated during December 2020: 2020 additions, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Mali, Myanmar, Philippines, Tanzania, Togo, practical manuals, home page, India news, India research, India videos, journal articles, SCI (other crops), videos, November 2020 additions (new page), events

In the Press - December 2020

Blog Posts and Website Articles - accessed during December 2020

Latest Research / Journal Articles / Theses - links acquired during December 2020
(in order of acquisition. See also complete alphabetized list of journal articles.)

[Note: • Red dot indicates the publication is freely available.]

New Links from our Website to Online Publications (and SRI-Related Social Media sites) - Dec. 2020)

Documents Uploaded and New Pages Created/Updated on our Website - December 2020

Videos/Audio - December 2020

Presentations - December 2020

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